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I felt like paying tributes to the female nation today… so here goes…

There are many factors that influence mood of a women and for centuries philosophers, anthropologists, humanitarians and people from all different backgrounds have been baffled by that misery. I wanted to add to that debate the information that came into my possession recently and changed my world!

Apart from the shoe sales, clothes sales, and all sorts of other sales… and spending money in general, what is the one and most significant factor you can think of?… of course, it’s the period!

I had a chance to learn different explanations to… the problem… and I wanted to present what I believe is the most accurate one so far (for the benefit of the males who wish to minimize any side effects), coming from a female anthropologist…

I quote:

Cycle is 28 days.
Day 1 new cycle, no period, slight cramps to release;
Day 2-5 hornyness level escalates;
Day 5-20 my body is trying to get pregnant, oh my God, is that a dick? cum right at me;
Day 21-28 pms arrives; starts feeling like shit… like oh my God… you couldn’t get pregnant; you must be so ugly; self hate; cramps start to hit;

As a side note, I have no idea how a lesbian relationship would work… Honestly… Imagine at some point, a dick would present itself to the heterosexual female and obviously break the “vicious cycle”, but when there are only girls in a relationship, who is going to break the spell…?