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No? so…

  • why would you wear sunglasses inside a shop? or even better, in the shop at night?
    there is no f..king sun here my friend!
  • why would you ride a bike at night with a sun-visor helmet rather than a clear glass one?
    can you even see where you are going?
  • why would you wear a beanie, or a baseball cap in the gym?
    you really think it makes you more buff? or something?
  • why would you wear trousers that make you look as if you shat yourself so badly, that it looks like you can probably chuck and stack up 20kg of potatoes there and they still wouldn’t reach your balls?
    I guess, for safety reasons, might as well keep them on until you get to a place where you can clean yourself up…
  • why would you wear trousers so low that all your underwear is visible?
    what’s the point of wearing that anyway, if you are so keen to show your boxers, just lose the trousers… or are you half showing off skid marks for the wow factor…?
  • why would you wear a skimpy dress, or a skirt, and re-adjust it constantly to hide what you are so purposefully uncovering anyway…?
    what’s the point of wearing anything at all, you already showed everything to the world…
  • why would you wear one of those woolen high boots in summer (omitting the name on purpose), or leather boots? how stinky your feet must be…?
    winter clothing is for winter (and summer clothing is for summer)… you’re going to die in winter if you’re wearing your warmest clothing in summer…

I don’t hate people, I just hate stupid people. Although for the quality of the genes and the benefits of future generations, it would be better if stupidity was a major factor of deaths around the world (natural evolution), so that intelligent people’s pool would grow instead of shrinking – as this is what I think is happening right now (artificial evolution).
These were only a few examples, but I am sure you’d notice many more stupid people if you sat still and watched for a couple of minutes…