I am not a fan of a certain big media – search engine – company (we all know who I mean and I omitted the name on purpose) or any monopolists by default. I don’t like the idea of a “majority” in the sense of “we do it all”. From a browser to a laptop, to phone, you get the point.
In my view, a company can’t be good at everything they do, as there isn’t enough focus, concentration of resources, or a certain purpose. Stick to one thing, get good at it, an octopus can easily get tangled.

One of the things I find the most concerning about a company or group of businesses working together is collection of data. Any type of data, anything about what phone I am using, what camera I have, what I look for on the Internet, what I buy, what I post, or whatever the hell, etc etc.

Data protection (and privacy especially) is a big matter for me, especially critically in a case when I find something I never signed up to or I see something about me I never expected to see on a random site (example here would be a site that looks up information about people and tries to match data scraped from various sources – fb, linkedin, etc – into one lump as search result profile).

So how does it all happen? I have no idea. They are not breaking any laws here, guess what, the company exposing your data in public isn’t breaking any laws either… so who does?

Not one person… You alone allow each of the companies owning a site protected with a sign up / login to bypass any data privacy and protection laws… Ask people to sign up to your free services… and then use it at will… Therefore, I strictly review my profile on any site I am signed up to, making sure only irrelevant data is available for scraping or any use otherwise… that’s my short spill.