First of all, I want to say I am old school. I have been brought up in a conservative home where mother is a female, father is a male and parents “made me” thanks to unusual compatibility of the reproductive organs of the opposite sexes, some sort of sorcery… where marriage by definition is between two loving people (by default 1 male with 1 female), and the “family is” mum (female) + dad (male) + child (whatever) + cousins, uncles, grandparents, etc.

I have never been interested in other guys, I have all I need male-like myself, so there is nothing another guy could possibly enrich my life with, just to make it clear – I am and never will be gay. I don’t see the attraction in the same sex, I simply don’t understand it, but I guess it goes back to the roots of basic attraction between two humans…

There’s a lot of movement around gayness recently (or feels like it’s all the time?), press, news, web, etc. You hear gay couple fighting for the right to marriage, gay families, etc etc. Then when someone does not agree with the view of their world you’ll be labelled a homophobic or something.

My first contact with the subject gay, I mean real life day to day contact, was when I started working in a company in UK. 2 of my teammates were actually gay. One was behaving absolutely non-gay, he was wearing “normal” clothes, he wasn’t super groomed and shit. The other one was the opposite. Very well groomed, slim fit shirts and jeans from Hugo Boss or something, rather fit and most of all, he had this… specific… way of speaking… the puff talk is what I call it and the mannerisms attributed to someone who behaves a little bit like a scatty kitten –  as if he was about to pounce away if someone pulled out a cock in front of him yet will be unable to stop the Xmas sparkle in his eyes or the drooling…
Apparently there was talk about me around the office as to in which corner I am playing, as I try to keep myself healthy and decently dressed (I am also tall and fit) etc. Trust me, I play only in the kitty department…

By the way, have you ever seen 2 super hot girls who would both look girly and be lesbians? well, I didn’t. It’s always one looking girly, the other one looking… butch… probably very short hair, possibly some random clothing, tattoo? piercing?

The one point I want to make is that gay people draw a lot of attention to themselves and therefore there is a lot of hatred and lack of understanding I think. The need to stand out?
Imagine yourself dressed in some out of the ordinary clothes, walk into a crowded shopping mall, stand in the middle of the floor and shout repeatedly “look at me! look at me! I am different but I wand you to treat me same as you all!” How long will it take for the security to arrive, tell you that you are being an annoying, boring nonsense and ask you to leave and go somewhere where they care?

My point is that gay people shout out about their business so much, that all of the “gay taboo” has been deemed not normal, there is so much noise about it here and there, so much distraction here and there… that everyone else who isn’t on board the gay wagon may be getting sick and tired of all the attention seeking behavior.

What do you think? Would being gay be such a big deal if the gay people didn’t make it out to be such a big gay jihad themselves…?