At various stages of life, you look back at when you were a kid, then you went to school, then Uni, etc. There are moments you simply reminisce at things that “were” versus things that “are”. The use of language, new terms never used before, vocabulary. The use of new inventions, new products, new technologies. The way we travel, the way we live, etc. changes every day, but is it for the better?

What I want to touch on here is the new age of extra special treatment, if you have one of those extra special dys and abilities.

You may call me a whatever you want, old, outdated, blah blah, but in my books, years back life was much easier. It was black and white, there were less “grey” areas. Nowadays, we create smoke screens, distractions, misconception terminology, so that one can feel ok by being different than others.

Previously, people were simply disabled or not. Now, you get learning disorders, you get walking disabilities, etc all come with their own set of “abilities” that allow you to feel special and “ok, well, fuck it, I am dyslectic… what do I care? No need to do much anymore, I’ll get benefits out of that situation”. When I was at school 20 years ago, if someone wasn’t good at something they would just study harder, catch up on their own or hang out with the nerds (to yes, partially avoid being called stupid, and not get hard time because of it haha). It’s so easy being at school now, walk into a math class, say you have dyscalculia and you’re free to go home for the semester (sarcasm of course)!

I think labeling people allows for a lot of slack, an excuse to just stick with it. What’s the point of getting or being better, I am “abled” so I will get special treatment. It’s all down to ones character obviously, how you “take in” the labeling, if you yourself believe you are disabled, you will be. Bloody hell, there are so many “dys” abilities, you just pick and choose whatever you like, I am sure there’s even an app for that (even more sarcasm)…

Don’t misunderstand me, I am not taking the piss out of disabilities, I am not belittling anyone or anything like it. I simply think that we are making ourselves more disabled by taking on all the labels, the “specialty” niche.

So are we actually improving our quality of life or just faking the shit out of it all?