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I came across what I thought was a funny post on Facebook through a share from someone else. It goes something like this:

Female (picture of an actress the name of which I don’t remember now, she’s hot and wearing a shirt, unbuttoned so you see the bra)

– Master, why if a guy has sex with a lot of women, he’s a fucking legend, but a girl does just 2 guys a year and she’s a slut?

Asian Master (white aged hair, ridiculously big eyebrows, too long mustache and a beard)

– You see my child, if a key opens a lot of locks, then it’s the master key, but if a lock is opened by lots of keys, then it’s a shitty lock.

So I had a comment, from a female that it is the most sexist post on Facebook she had ever seen (mind you, I had 2 other female friends having a laugh).

As I am not fighting the holy war on sluts (I am referring to both sexes here) and who is THE bigger one out of the two sexes, the fact that someone commented negatively about a post that is not mine (originally) got me thinking again, why people don’t let things go…? Here’s my response though, which I think I should have posted in the first place when I shared the post – my bad:

Possibly the most sexist ever, but I wasn’t looking into this that way, I just saw it and lightheartedly thought it was simply funny, nothing more, nothing less, not my philosophy of life, not the truth of the world, not my own opinion, simply silly and inappropriate interpretation (that made me laugh) of the age old subject how come when a female has a lot of partners, she will be called in a certain way and the guy sleeping around is “the shit”… never understood that, never will, both sexes “going around the block” are in my books equally shameful…

In my opinion it’s just a funny post

I think that’s fair. Simple, nothing complicated, it’s not the fucking Rubik’s cube, just read, have a laugh or don’t, move on. Now I am thinking I should probably put a disclaimer on my Facebook’s cover image or somewhere, saying (let me reiterate… MY Facebook page…)

“I do not control the Internet, nor the shit it produces, I also do not control the world, and ABOVE all, I definitely do not control your feelings, so if YOU feel offended by reading any of the contents of this (Facebook) page SHARE from another source and not originally created and posted by me, it is YOUR responsibility, not mine. So if you need to fight the world, go to the source of the post instead, please.
If however it is relating to content created by me, understand that it is MY opinion, not YOURS, so that we can have a civilized conversation”

Some people take it all way too seriously and look into things, where there is nothing to be found, unless they want to look for it (and they will obviously find it).