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I was thinking the other day what would be a really good and positive wish for Christmas and the upcoming New Year and I came to a conclusion, that it would be pretty great, if the whole world turned Buddhist all at once at the same time (I am Christian believe it or not).
Ditch Christianity, ditch Islam, all sects, etc., put all the religious books away into libraries or even better, museums, as ancient literature and historical heritage of the world, and basically move on.
I am sure it wouldn’t fix all the problems of the world, but it would be a good start.

I don’t understand and never will, how can someone try to “convince” a nation, or an individual, to become Christian in the name of the Pope, Jesus, or the magical fairies with the use of anything else than a plain old conversation, rather than for example tools of a war (back in the dark ages of the Church and the crusades, etc.).
Can you imagine: an army of Buddhist monks arrives on the battlefield, everyone is poised and ready to fight, and the both sides plain and simple – light their incenses, sit down on the grass and meditate the shit out of it all! Now that would be a fight!

Same goes for all the f..ked up people – highly doubt they can be called human – who go on about sorting out their matters with explosives attached to their bodies killing themselves (who cares) and huge numbers of innocent people (who we care about a lot). Don’t get me wrong, I am against any other religious fanatic idiots out there, but suicide bombers are just absolute trash of the world in my books. I get you don’t give a f..k about your life on this amazing planet, but what is the point in killing innocent people standing next to you when you blow yourself up? What did they do to you you f..k-wit??? What possible difference toward your goal it may have?????? Anyone???

Domestic wars, territorial wars, you name it… sad bastards COULD just stop, but it would be a sign of wisdom where there are no wise man in every meaning of that word. I could go on here but it’s pointless, you get the gist.

But the worst religion yet existed for donkey years, before any other religion, you know what I am talking about, the religion of the coin in your pocket. Now you can do whatever you want to get all those coins, kill, rape, destroy, burn, sell, rob, whatever, as long as you’re going to be rich at the end of it, whatever the cause, you don’t have to care, because the bigger the pile of the coins the more you will be able to get away, there will always be a greed bastard’s empty hand.

I guess what I am trying to say is that maybe if we all turned Buddhists at once (like Samoa changed driving from one side to the other overnight, yes it was a big scale operation as well…), we would have far less incidents where innocent lives are lost “in the name of”. I have been doing a lot of reading, listening to meditation talks, all sorts. The thing I got out of Buddhism is that it’s a way of life, not religion. It also helps to point you in a direction of your own happiness, real happiness.

But maybe the problem is that you have to grow up to understand and learn from your religion whatever it may be and notice the positivity about it all, not the negativity, rather than interpret it your own immature way.

So for the following year, I wish myself and you, show random acts of kindness to strangers, create a black whole of forgiveness for all the unpleasantries that came or may come your way, may you have infinity of understanding for all the difference between individuals, and above all, piece of mind and balance for yourself first of all. Because you can’t be a supernova of positivity if you don’t look after yourself before others, focus on it and happiness and also notice it!

Something I don’t think I am going to forget (until it’s rectified by life…?) and kind of stuck with me early this year was that a mate from work went for a 3 month trip around South East Asia. We talked about safety in general and carrying valuables around, he said that they are mostly Buddhist, and one of the teachings is they will not take what is not given (yes, I am sure not all live by that, but still). Tell that to pick picketers in Barcelona, or muggers in the historical center in Quito… not that either of these happened to me personally.