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You might think that the title is going to introduce you to a gruesome story about something bad happening to someone I know, but you would be wrong. You would be wrong to assume anything.

I walk the streets of Auckland and being a male, pay more attention to females, obviously. The thing that I can’t help but notice and can’t comprehend is that if I did a daily count of ladies by the continent I “guess” they were from, most of the Asian ones would be wearing what I call, the rapist pants. I am sure it happens all over the world, but somehow I notice it here more, mostly probably due to the percentage of Asian nationalities flocking to New Zealand for education, or other reasons.
Teenage girls full of god knows what in their heads (mostly tumble weeds at that age), yet I am still surprised it’s not just he young ones… I get it, it’s summer here, 25 Celsius, with 70% humidity, bliss in my books… but I can’t help and just look at some people’s dress code with honest and sincere disgust.

The pants I am referring to (or even worse a dress or a skirt) are the sort of pants that show a bit of butt cheeks when a girl is standing up, and you don’t want to think what that would show if any of those girls just dropped their keys on the floor and leaned forward to pick it up… and you’re unlucky to be walking few steps away from the action… you’d get full HD (or actually curved 4K nowadays) view of the toecrack (my own terminology here, crack + camel toe) or the cracken (commando)… cars crashing into each other, drooling men bouncing of light posts, bins, other people, etc. etc., you get the picturesque Armageddon…

I find this sort of wear (or any wear that uncovers more than covers) as inappropriate in public, to the extent that I am actually writing about it now. Call me old-fashioned or backwards or what-fucking-ever you want, but for me, it has been like this since my younger years. I just can’t digest the minimization of clothing in public, especially in females. Don’t get me wrong, nice eye-candy sometimes, but FFS does it have to be everywhere?
Besides, if all the goods are out and about, there is nothing left to imagination anymore, all the intriguing mystery gone, nothing to chase as everything is already on display for all to see; you get my point…
I am not even going to mention nor describe what’s going on above the waist line… pathetic.

On that note, I’ll share something that I find as much disturbing as the above.

2 years ago I was about to go to Vanuatu for Christmas and was in need of getting some swimming trunks. Went into a few surf shops (I’ll skip the marketing of those) and to my complete surprise, I found that none had what I was looking for. There were plenty of colorful beach pants everywhere, yes, but all of them were missing the most vital thing ever – the inner mesh lining that keeps your sack and sausage under control and protected from any predator fish that might want to swim inside your leg while you’re enjoying a swim. They were basically shorts you put over some sort of underpants (I assume), unless everyone these days goes to the beach commando…??? WTF???
Imagine the headlines all over the country, traumatized beach-goers, families with kids: “Snakes on the loose…”
Finally, I went into an upmarket department store, and found what I was looking for there. Selection wasn’t great, but still. I actually had a short conversation with a sale assistant (male) and told him my predicament and how relieved I was to find what I need and how bizarre of the other companies. He wasn’t able to explain to me either why would swimming/beach shorts not have the inner lining mesh.
I paid, said thanks, and left happy that I am not the part of the indecent mob… not that I ever was anyway.

Back on the subject of the minimalistic clothing fashion. In 20 years time, when the things are going to start sagging and they loose all the eye catching effect,  they will be the loudest feminists, the ones fighting against sexism, and for gender equality… etc.

Everyone says don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but what you do not cover says enough for me to stay away and I feel I am a dying breed, shame. I’d rather meet someone with a sense of decency… I’ll leave them for the other guys, the ones who don’t mind that the girl he’s with is pretty much see-through naked… with tits and ass on full display…
and getting stares from all the males (and not only) walking past… like Alex the lion staring at Morty the zebra when he realized he is in the wild and desperately needs to feed…