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I am back on the subject of new things coming, old things going away, change, etc. etc. What I want to mention today is that I really don’t understand humans, I really don’t. The problem I have with humanity is the stupidity. Incredible, immeasurable, infinite stupidity. Let me explain why.

The evolution and continuous development of the mobile phone brought onto the world the wasteland of pointless application called the app stores. At the start, sure, there were original ideas, pioneers of what one might need on their phone? what is it that users of mobile phones would like to do on the go? just another app that can do… what?

Since then, I think it’s all gone to absolute shit. Total madness, influx of utter rubbish, pointless apps that no one would consider looking for first of, second of, downloading to install and use. Kids at home (sarcasm) coming up with apps that do absolutely nothing useful, have no value and bring nothing new to the table or even worse, are copies of other great pioneering products out there, legions of developers building apps just to put their name out there, “I build an app”.

I say this because today a mate of mine came up on Skype. I haven’t “talked” to him for a while and I know he had serious problems for the last 2 months. I only got a short email a few weeks ago mentioning what he has been through… So today, he popped up on Skype, we started chatting and he says at some point I need to install (I will have to use names here unfortunately, to my own dislike) WhatsApp as it’s the dog’s bollocks…

My internal thought process went along the lines: what is the fucking point?! I have Skype don’t I?! It has THE SAME functionality! Viber? WhatsApp? Skype? How many fucking apps does one need to keep in touch with friends and mates?!
And you’re most probably reading this now and scream with despair “I can not believe this guy?! He doesn’t have WhatsApp and Viber on his phone?!” No, I fucking don’t. I see it absolutely pointless having 50 apps doing the same exact thing: allow to chat with people who I have in my contacts, make video and voice calls… Fucking honestly, you can’t tell me that these apps are SO worth it, that you need all of them on your phone?!

The thing is that the app is most probably the same, functionality-wise, but it’s NEW on the market, so everyone wants it! It’s new, install! install! I got it, you got, we got it! Fucking monkeys…

Maybe it’s just me, but hey, I refuse to be on the leash of my mobile phone, I refuse to be constantly online… When I need to or want to talk to someone, I have my ways to get in touch. Don’t need 50 different apps to do the same fucking thing. I am online when I, I! want to, not when my phone wants me to be available with all sorts of alerts and notifications and other distractions.

I installed the app and I am removing Skype from my phone right now.

It’s not just the apps you know. It’s all sorts of services. Take a quick look at a site like spotify for example: there was lastfm then, now there’s also pandora, just seen another new one… all same shit, different day but I guess as long as people get to chose, that’s the most important thing eh? illusion of choice, something different…. Youtube / Vimeo? at least these two websites look different so you feel like they do something distinguishable… What version of Firefox are you on now? I don’t know lost count, 50? how about you? I am on Chrome v 120… fucking hell… yes, they have so many new features each release that it is a good idea to pop the number…

I am generalizing of course, but the point is… Triumph of form over content all over the place…