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Thoughts are in control of your body, positive thoughts create certain reactions all over that cause you to have “good feelings”, goose bumps, smile, laugh; negative thoughts create negative feelings, which if are strong enough, will cause you to cry.

To say my life is easy and smooth right about now would be a lie. From trying to figure out what do I actually want to be doing for the rest of my life, should I be staying here in New Zealand, to – do I want kids (not that I have a partner right now), etc. I met up very recently with someone who I have feelings for, and to my surprise, in my opinion, the person isn’t doing that great even though they try to portray they do. I can see it, and I can sense it really, and I feel helpless, because I can’t help as much as I would want to, due to my feelings of being a mess myself.

I am not going to go into the details about what exactly is going right about now with me nor even the person I care for. But there are moments in life when you feel helpless and the only thing that happens at the time is tearing up and crying.

I feel somewhat responsible for the state in which the Dear Friend is in and as much as I am trying to learn to forgive myself first so that I can feel better about myself and therefore help, it isn’t easy to see someone hurt that much. I am too occupied fighting with myself to be of any use, but I will try my best. It’s ok to cry… It means you’re not a rock…

Learn to forgive yourself for the benefit of others, please!