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I am leaving in 2 days for a family visit and some holiday. I haven’t had any holidays last year, by holiday I mean taking time off and going away. The thing is I have not had the time to look forward to the trip even though I booked most of it in February (well, main flight at least), as working days just fly by, then gym, then life… and by the time I realized, it’s May the 12th, I am sitting here on Thursday evening, going to work tomorrow and flying out Saturday night. I will be off work for 4 weeks…

I have to say though, a little bit of my excitement got kick out of me with a phone call from my property manager yesterday, when I have been notified that apartment I rent is going up for sale… and rent is going up… good news all around! At least the agency will be telling potential buyers (I hope) that the apartment will be available upon my return… so take a deep breath and relax… for now…

Time to see the family, and have some time off… What am I packing though…?

And to quote my traveling anthem by Moby

One of these mornings
It won’t be very long
You will look for me
And I’ll be gone

(there won’t be anyone looking for me though)