So I am sitting at the Honk Kong airport, arrived from Munich, going back to Auckland and I am looking around, thinking, feeling… I love traveling, I love changing places, I love seeing new things. There’s nothing better and greater than stimulating yourself with new experiences and what works better than visiting a new place of this amazing world.

I spent few days shy of 2 weeks back home as I was invited to my godson’s First Communion. I was really looking forward to seeing my parents and my sister and her little daughter. That was the main thing that excited me in this trip. Second one was that I had planned to go to Marrakesh for 5 nights and then Barcelona for 3, as I have not yet been to these parts of the world (first time in Africa! new continent on my list!).

Now, I am on my way back to the part of the world I call home for now and I can’t get rid of the feeling that I do want to keep doing this, going places, continuously. The feeling caught up with me a few days ago, when I was still in Marrakesh. I walked the Medina (old center) and saw the main attractions, but then decided I need to get out of the city and booked an overnight Berber camp trip hundreds of kilometers away (no, I didn’t get to Sahara, which was my mistake to not look into this beforehand). On the shuttle there, I had the feeling I don’t know how to describe to be fair. It’s something I know, something I felt before when I was traveling around Central and South America. And it felt really good, even though the journey was really long, yet it felt pretty amazing to be “on the way” again… I miss that.

So now, back to work next week, but my subconscious is already traveling Europe, Asia, Antarctic, etc.

And I am grateful that I have this life right now and I am able to do it.