Not quite sure why I am about to write this one, especially that my music is like me being naked, not everyone can get close enough to… share it… but it seems I feel like writing…

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, music for me is an escape from reality, brain disconnection method, it’s how I apply breaks to my mind. I have songs that (for example listening to one right now) I can’t help but to move to the beat and sing along in my head, which is great, no thinking required, no stupid thoughts, no need to figure anything out, etc.

Last night I went to a concert of one of the artists that I really like. I can honestly say I have actually never gone to a concert I had to pay for, well, I have been to certain events, have been to Albert Hall in London, etc etc. but this is a little different. He is an artist from Sydney and I came across his creations when I was listening through my usual youtube channels. One song in particular got under my skin, to the extent it giving me goose bumps, well not the only song that does that to me, but that’s beside the point.

I went there because I really wanted to listen to the music live and on full blast, which the event delivered with ease. There’s something poisonous in those vocals, the beat, the synth, the tones, the tempo… It’s not everyone’s cup of tea of course, but for me, right now it’s one of the ultimate songs on my playlist (well, if you read few of my last posts, you’ll know exactly why this song hits home for me, it has even stronger effect, because of how I feel when I listen to it).

Side note…just because I hate it so much: I’d take a real human over anything virtual anytime of day and night… And if anyone playing Pokemon Go bumps into me on the street, they will collect my Pokemon Fist for being dumb planks of wood connected to the screens of their mobile phones… Human over anything else, anytime… So lets stop blaming everything else (FB, whatever) for making us anti social… we make ourselves that way by our own choice, hence my escape into music…?