Go ahead and have a laugh, as for me looks like today is all about doing silly things and having out of body experiences… or something…?

  • I put my ipod on play, earphones in, walk out of my apartment with a backpack on to do my weekly food shop, get into the elevator and start dancing a little. After a moment or so I realize I should have been close to the 2nd (ground) floor by now, look at the number indicator, still says my floor, look down on the buttons… well f..k me, someone forgot to press the button eh…?
  • Came back from the store, got out a meal I needed to put into the oven for lunch, set the temperature on the oven and sat down to check my emails. When the oven pinged with the “temperature reached” indication, I got up, put the pepper squid on the tray and took it in my hand, opened the… fridge… with a tray going in… then retracted and… closed it… and got back on track…