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If someone is acting like a total cunt (understatement) toward you and they wanted to keep you as a friend, but seriously the behavior is atrocious, nasty, ugly and is uncalled for unless someone has lost some parts of their brain… should you teach them a lesson in humility or would you just leave it alone?

Mind you, the lesson in humility you’d deliver wouldn’t get you bonus karma points I don’t think (you’d hurt 1 person you have no bad intentions toward), it would also definitely finish any human relationship you have with that person (not that what’s happening right now resembles human interaction or relationship between 2 people who got too close, decided to stop it and were to be friends). I could deliver that lesson at any time and to be fair, today’s event pushed me literally millimeters away from the edge of making the decision to do it.

I mean, seriously, this person is so lacking in humility that she really should get a lesson sooner rather than later, but I think I am too nice a person to deliver the life lesson she so desperately could do with. Otherwise she’ll go through life without ever realizing that people who actually have some value are worth keeping and fighting for. But why should this be of my concern anyway…
I am learning the opposite, the ones that do not show any value and treat you like shit, are disposable and SHOULD not be part of your life, yet I still let it get to me… dumbass!