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I completely forgot to write about something. Well, I didn’t forget. The thing is that there is something overshadowing pretty much everything that is going on in my life right now (have a look at my previous post…). I was just about to go to sleep really but I remember what had happened last Sunday and I thought to myself, maybe I should try to end the day on a good note, rather than leaving my blog on a low.

Last week my phone decided to die. I was out on Saturday and when I came back home the phone was dead. Plugged it in, the LED didn’t come to live, I thought weird, but decided not important enough, will leave it overnight, maybe the battery is gone completely. Woke up, phone still dead, can’t turn it on at all. Tried the usual, remove the sim, the battery, leave for a moment, put it all back in, power button? nothing. So I thought, great, I will have to waste some money on a new phone (even though this one has been playing up).

Went out in the afternoon to get something. When I came back I first thing I thought was how do I get my contacts back and all…? So started snooping around the interwebz and found a suggestion to try to switch the phone back on, and it worked! I wasn’t that impressed that I just bought a new phone and the old one is still… alive… but… at least I could get to relevant contacts and copy them across.

This isn’t about the phone at all.

On my way to the shop, I got stopped by a person with a cardboard, I can’t recall what it was saying, but the man didn’t have all his teeth, was a little dirty, little tired, etc. someone who doesn’t seem to have access to basic commodities to put it nicely. There was a gap in the traffic on the pavement and I was the only one for a few meters who was about to walk past him. He walked out in front of me and offered a US dollar for exchange to a NZ dollar, but I didn’t have any change on me so I couldn’t help. We talked for a moment and I walked away saying if he is still around here later on I might have some change on my way back.

I got the phone, went for lunch at the waterfront and when I was sat having my crispy salt and pepper squid and a corona, I realized I actually had some notes, two 20s and a 10. And at that moment I decided that I am going to walk up to that man and offer to exchange that US dollar for a dollar, hiding the note in my hand so he doesn’t know what it is until it’s in his hand. That was the plan. I finished my lunch and went back.

I was at the traffic light and saw him still being in the same spot, thought I best take out the money now, so I have it in my hand, without making it awkward standing right in front of him and trying to find the “fake” 1 NZ dollar (which is a coin) and pull out a note. I genuinely wanted to surprise him. I felt in serious need to do something spontaneous, something good, a random act of kindness.

I crossed the street, walked up to him and asked with a smile:
– Do you still have that 1 dollar?
– Oh yeah sure.
He pulls out 1.50 NZ in his hand and tries to hand it over. But I say:
– No no, I mean the US dollar you wanted to get rid of when I walked past here before. I wanted to exchange it. You didn’t want it.- Oh, that, I don’t have it on me right now but can go and get it?
– Nah, don’t worry about it, no need… this is for you…
And at that moment I hand over the $20 note folded a few times so it’s not that clear what it is. He takes it and looks up at me and says:
– Are you serious? are you serious?
– Yes mate, I am actually, it’s in your hand isn’t it.
– Thank you so much!
I finish with:
– You have a good day my friend.
And I walk off sending an uncontrolled smile and get the same back.
I couldn’t stop smiling for few long minutes to be honest, think until I got to my apartment (which was about a 10 min walk).

Moments like these make you question the real value of some people you know…