I have decided I am currently allergic to 2 things.

When I was living in UK few years ago, I was in a relationship with someone who was lactose intolerant. I love food in general, I am not fussy, I’ll try most things I’d say. I have my favorite things and things I just don’t like. One thing that being with someone who is lactose intolerant and they cook is that you get used to the food. It’s really easy to substitute dairy products with non dairy. Well, at least back in UK. I am not here to lecture anyone about dairy / non dairy shit. It was my own choice to stop eating it. Didn’t feel like sitting at a restaurant and pigging out with ice cream right in front of her for example. But that’s not the main reason I stopped having dairy. Health. I started to feel much more healthy, enjoyed food much more and all. Anyway, that’s my allergy no 1 – social intolerance to dairy, that grew to me sticking with it pretty rigorously (with plenty exceptions here and there haha).

My second allergy is very recent. Developed kind of now. Koreans. Korean girls. Keep them away from me. I don’t understand them. I don’t understand how can someone tell you bullshit like I have never had feelings like this before, while she has a boyfriend of 2 years, and once we’re done with doing shit behind his back, the woman acts like I don’t exists. As if I did something terrible to her. We ended it all on good terms, but the attitude she has is atrocious. I had a 2 hour conversation with her last Monday hoping to clear some air, trying to understand what is going on, why are we behaving so awkwardly. There was a bit of going back and forth but you did this, but you did that. I am not asking for her to move mountains, all I am asking is simple acknowledgement of my existence by saying “hi” even if there’s nothing else to say. During that conversation I said I am almost done, you’re about to lose my as a friend if you don’t do something. I also asked to be told to my face is she doesn’t give a flying fuck about me in any way, shape or form, so I know exactly where I stand. You think the conversation ended on good terms… you came to an agreement you’ll both want to be friends, so that didn’t change… She says she’ll say hi to you tomorrow and try to be less awkward. None of that happened. All week.

Keep the fucking Koreans away from me. I actually send her a message through facebook, but deleted it a few seconds later, no point. Just need to get on with myself. But if a face to face conversation didn’t make any difference, why would saying “well, the conversation was pointless, you’re still acting like a c**t and say something else to my face, any last words before I contact your partner to admit to what we have done for 3 months?” change anything.
Yes, I am a scumbag for getting involved with someone who has a partner, but back then… well no point of saying anything about what was said and how it happened, I misread it all, got the full spectrum of colors of that person now.