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After a few days of hesitation and awaiting for response from Nepal, I got my confirmation when I came in after my gym session and checked my emails… So, it’s official, my Everest Base Camp 15 day trek is now on, going out the 16th of December, weather and all permitting, once in a life time moments. I am really looking forward to this, really, with a capital R… and I know I will feel happy and excited about it…

But… right now I am not that super happy (even though I managed to give myself a moment of mad jump and a proper “yes!!!” with a fist punch through the air and a “I am going to Nepal!!!”), here’s why…

I left my phone at home while I was at the gym. I lifted it and saw 2 missed calls. I missed a call from the same person yesterday, again, due to my gym. I felt pretty unhappy about that as the person is really close to my heart, really close and it felt poop to have missed her calls for 2 days in a row… so before I even did anything (shower, food…), I pressed “call” and after a second heard the voice I am so used to now. The voice was completely different to any other conversation we had. Speed of speech unusually slower, calmer, subdued, steady (scared?). After a few moments of talking about little things I knew this was something bigger than a normal “hey, how are you doing”.

I will not talk about the details of the call, this person is too precious for me to mention any details. Now, I know that my unicorn is potentially in a medical state that I do not wish to think about outcomes of as it brings tears to my eyes instantly.

If there’s one thing I know is that you shouldn’t think of “what if” when nothing is really confirmed, as it’s kind of worrying for nothing, but there are are certain indicators really darkening my mood and I can’t imagine how scared she is, she’s only 22.

If there’s anything I could ask of the guys upstairs (the God and co…) or anyone who listens to the pleas of the little people, I am asking with all my heart PLEASE look after her and do not take that person away from me. I prefer to talk to her in person rather than spiritual world, I need my guardian Angel in flesh, not in virtual world… so whoever is out there, please help to keep her here, alive and all well.

To my unicorn MKW
Please don’t take her away