I am reasonably fit, I think… my current stats as of 4 weeks ago, 188cm tall, 86kg, 5.9% body fat… 5x or more in the gym, with weights and also high intensity sessions. But I am thinking about adding some extras or changing my routine to accommodate my body abilities for the December trek, here’s why.

I have been above 5000m before. It was back in 2012 in Ecuador, Cotopaxi volcano. We got dropped off at around 4500m and from there started the trek up to the hut and to the wall of the melting glacier. It was spectacular, views, the weather, it was amazing, being at the top of the world… I did something stupid that day. When we were approaching the hut at 4850m or something, the guide sprinted the last 20m or so, and him being rather… round… and me being… rather slim fit… I thought I’d give it a go. I couldn’t slow down my breathing for at least 5 minutes… but it was nothing. On the way back, or rather when we came back to the hotel, I developed a headache. I never felt pain like this before, it made me feel like throwing up. I tried to lie down to relax the whole body, but putting my head on the pillow felt like whacking it onto a rock! I was in agony… I managed to fall asleep somehow, can’t remember if we had any tablets, but I think we had some of the famous coca sweets or tea or whatever. It was a blur to be honest.

So… not going to do any of that stupid shit near Everest… but I am thinking I might need to move a bit more. Apart from the fact I still need to buy good trekking shoes and actually get my feet used to them… I think I might need to walk / run a bit… Someone suggested too I should get high altitude training mask and use it in the gym with my normal workouts… but luckily, that’s not my opinion or idea…

The weather was amazing last weekend, and on Sunday I decided to hit the beach (not really, didn’t get my shorts or the towel) for the first time this season (summer is coming here). I got on a bus, got off at first stop by the beach, walked through first one (Mission Bay), then onto the second (Kohimarama) and third beach (St Heliers). Grabbed a bottle of water and without stopping anywhere decided I’ll walk all the way back to my apartment. I’ll catch a bus if I can’t move. It’s about 8-9km to go back from the point I got to. I have to say my legs felt a little tired at some stage I think, but I didn’t make much of it and just told them to keep moving, we’re not there yet… I thought the worst is to come the next day. Well, nothing happened. No aches, no pains… nothing. It is a flat walk really until the last 2kms… but still, if you normally do 3.5-4km a day (around 4500 steps?), doing 5x that is a little different. I had my phone on me, which is automatically recording the steps and walking exercises. When I walked into my apartment I checked the stats: 24454 steps, 19.68km… and no pains or aches? I am ready for Everest!!! well, not really… 😉