I am really grateful for having in my life a few people in particular (apart from my parents and my sister of course), people I call friends. They have been helping me not lose myself in the past events, inviting me for smaller and bigger social outings. Last night we went for a “grab one” 3 course set menu deal at a restaurant neither of us have been to before.

When we arrived inside I immediately noticed at a table next to ours, a group of 5 ladies, one of which caught my attention instantly. Oh, I need to mention here that the friends are a couple of 5 years and recently celebrated their anniversary (I’ll call them Mr and Mrs Smith, even though they are not married yet). So the setup at our table was, guys across with the girl sitting to the side, they were kind of facing the table with the ladies, and I had it behind my back.

While we were talking about the menu choices, Mrs Smith mentioned I should swap seats with Mr Smith to be able to have a look at a girl I might be interested in at the other table and that I also need it more than Mr Smith… She pointed the girl out to her boyfriend to what he agreed she is “easy on the eye”… So to confuse the waiter who just came around (?) and without too much hesitation I agreed to swap.

I did look around the table, I like people watching in general, even though I knew exactly which girl we were talking about. She was very very pretty. The hair, a little curly, the eyes, the nose, the cheeks, the lips, the smile, the hands… Yes, she caught my attention to details. I am not a pervert or a stalker, I just notice every tiny thing about the person.

While we were trying some wines to go with our meals, I kept looking for a split second every now and then and caught her eye and shared a smile. I couldn’t stop myself from glancing every now and then. We were busy with our own table, and at some stage we got onto the subject of the girl. Think it was impatience of Mrs Smith, as to what do I think, as she was the one who started that part of the conversation saying “well, if you like her, she’s def not Korean as I can hear they spoke very good English and Chinese”…
I said she is very very pretty but… I made a few jokes, “she’s out of my league” to what Mrs Smith said “why do you even say that?”, shortly followed by “because she looks too expensive to run” (both of them had a good laugh about that) and “knowing my luck she’s married or at least boyfriended” and that got deflected by Mrs Smith “you don’t know that until you asked!”, to what I said I noticed she’s got a ring on her left hand, and that also got deflected by Mrs Smith “it doesn’t look like a wedding ring”.
Then I mentioned a few things about her body language since I sat down and she caught the look of me, what gave Mrs Smith even more encouragement to tell me to ask that girl out. I started making even worse comments, like, I bet you she’s with her aunts and mum or something, what if I ask her to go for a drink and she’ll probably invite the whole family to go with us?
I had a few sarcastic ones… I didn’t take it too seriously as you can see, but to be absolutely honest (I said that too) it was a girl who I’d really like to even to have a simple coffee or something to be able to see that smile close up.

All in all, while we moved around the subjects during the meal and I got some breathing space to not panic about asking an attractive girl out.

We finished our meals and Mrs Smith got back on the subject, again. She was very persistent, I give her that, she did have a point though, even if that girl had someone, or even if she was with her mum / aunts, the worst thing that would have happened is she’d say, no, sorry, not interested. I absolutely chickened out and said I have never ever came up to someone and asked them for a number, etc. and to my despair she deflected that with “do you want me to ask? I can if you want me to?” At that time I was so wound up about not having the courage to do it that I finally said yes please, what the hell..

The plan was for the guys to go and sort out the bill and Mrs Smith would stay behind. After a few seconds that felt a bit longer than seconds, she re-joined us and we all walked out. She run through the conversation and said the following… more or less… “she’s single, she’s interested, asked about your age but I asked her how old is she”. She was 21… to what me and Mr Smith were like “what?! I thought she’d be around 30” This is all happening while we are walking outside the restaurant and Mrs Smith continue she said “she felt too shy so wouldn’t give me her number”, I said “should have given her mine”. Then both Mr and Mrs Smith encouraged me “just write your number on something…”, I had a business card with me. I still tried to “escape” it all by saying I don’t have anything to write on, that got destroyed by “the will have a pen at the restaurant!” They obviously followed me back in to watch me. To my embarrassment and a bit of confusion, I asked the waiter for a pen, he thought something was wrong with our meal, I quickly clarified my intention to pass my number to one of the customers… walked up to and said something along the lines of hi, my name is, here’s my number if you ever want to go out for a drink or something and handed her the card, all with a little embarrassment and a lot of smiles on both ends I think…

Chances are, I’ll never hear or see her again, but thanks to my friends, still are 200% of what they would have been if I was there by myself…