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I am in bed, finished a 1.5 hr Skype call with my parents, brushed my teeth, lit a candle and put it in my Gaudi candle holder ready to fade away for today, when a thought comes in…

I have been having a static chest pain pretty much all afternoon ish and I am tired (went to sleep around 2.30am, to wake up at 8 on a day off – Sunday), feeling my lower back generating unusual amounts of heat and I also feel a bit of a neck pain. My palms are cold, dead cold… and from all these you can see how one could come up with the following: 
Cold hands = heart attack pre warning (warm heart = cooked heart)

But, I am sure I am being silly about the heart attack, here’s why.

The elevation training mask I bought to use for my Everest Base Camp trek breathing training was set to 9000 feet ~ 3km, not the default 3000… as I read it in the manual yesterday morning. I decided to give it a go at the gym, first of to test myself and see how fit I really am, and also because I look bad ass in it…

I went to train with my mates yesterday, taking it easy on body weight only. Once we were done, I decided to give a punching bag a go, did that for about 10 mins, was rather ok. So then I thought let’s try 500m on the rower to finish… it didnt kill me either, kept the 400m syeady at 1.50m and sped up tbe last 100m and that was not that terrible either to my surprise, although the difference in ease of breathing once I took the mask off was very distinct.

But little did I know it would catch up either me today…