Want to get a little deeper into my world? Here goes. I am an Aries, very early in the zodiac sign, and I can be stubborn.

I am not feeling physically great, went to the gym last night, took lemsip max before going to sleep, I woke up a few times during the night drenched, literally wet, had to put a towel and sleep on that, turn over the duvet as it was wet too! so something has caught up with me. The invincible body isn’t that invincible…

I went to work of course, then after lunch, sat in the sun for a bit, than had a monthly catch up with my manager and when we came back I started to feel I have really dry lips, eyes stinging… and I am very warm… Still, went to the gym for 6 o’clock for high intensity training, half thinking, just go with it, mind over body, you’ll burn this shit out!

That’s how much I fight for things I want… I want to be fit, to push my own limits and feel good from achieving my next stats update, currently, 87kg, 5.8% body fat.

These are things that are not THAT relevant to me. Things that are much more relevant to me are feelings… people I got close to, people I allowed into my private world and vice versa they allowed me into their world. It’s mutual respect for the fact that we both know MUCH MORE about each other than anyone else gathered around. But that’s just me.

Imagine how much it costs me to fight AGAINST those feelings…