My theory of evolution is that apparently God created male first, than from the rib of a man – a female was made. Based on that, it’s a simple conclusion – male = human version 1.0, female – human version 2.0. Also, following on that thought process, males are basic and females are the more advanced (I mean COMPLEX) models of a homo sapiens.

My original theory was that female being v2 is the supreme being, but life’s experiences proved I was absolutely incorrect, here’s why.

Now a male, being basic (lets face it, first attempt), operates on a simplified model of life, therefore has lesser needs, much more straight forward outlook on everything, makes quicker decisions for example or enjoys simple things (eg. a beer with a mate), is not burdened by overly complex workflows of day to day functioning. Obviously, there are a few bugs here and there, but looking at it closer, you’ll see that these are minor due to the simplified nature of the being.

Female on the other hand, being a version 2.0 – second attempt, are operating on a far more complex level (call it improvements… NOT). The list of needs in endless, outlook on things is always an essay of pros and cons, decisions need talking over for hours, etc etc. I mean, if you’d seen the blue prints for the workflows of day to day functioning, you’d probably get a migraine. You get my drift… By simple rule of inheritance, bugs of males have been amplified by the intricacy of the “upgrade” model in that creation, and we’re all paying a hefty price for it.

Fair enough, I agree, it wasn’t easy, it is a balancing act between the complexity and usability, which I don’t think turned out good on the latter.

I think that the most important thing to be taken out of this is, because females are more complex they naturally are much more buggy in every way; you can not simply increase the complexity and improve quality, somethings got to give; hence God gave up after his 2.0 homo sapiens failure to create a supreme being… and we’re stuck having only males and females.

But that’s just my sarcastic theory…

On a more serious note, aren’t we just all racist from the core? I mean, male or female, we’re all human, or am I missing something here? How come we did organize the world into twos, night – day, good – bad, left – right, top – bottom, sounds like binary to me…