My weekend was really busy and I loved it, even though I look like a tomato thanks to my own stupidity and ignorance of the strength of the NZ sun.

I had a really good Friday at work as the one person I feel suffocated with by her presence wasn’t in the office. It was great.

Monday I tagged along with a couple I know for a while now, it was supposed to be a Scandinavian Christmas market. There were a few Christmas themed stalls but the rest was rather put together just to fill up some spaces I think. Still it was great to be out and about. I finished the evening with some fun board games and a few drinks at my friends.
Sunday was a day out of Auckland. the girl I met up with last week offered to take me as company to go to a gannet colony and one of the West beaches called Muriwai. It was warm but cloudy to stary with, we were both ready for the rain as well but around mid day it cleared up and well I didn’t put the suncream on and got sunburn on my face, neck, palms… it looks funny, and is painful.

We walked, we talked, we saw the gannets, we took some photos, we sat and relaxed and talked even more. I am in need of getting shin guards I think, as my sarcasm might get me a kick in a shin or two. We came back into the city before 5pm, parked up and went to have some food and then off to a more comfy place to lounge on their sofas and have a drink and talk some more, think we might have talked even more, same as last Sunday.

I like her and would like to spend some more time with her, and vice versa.

Oh and today, my sister called me up at 4am (she’s on the other side of the world) as she caught a part of news of the earthquake and tsunami warning and my guess she only heard mthe magnitude and the country, but hit the place, hence I said I am absolutely fine, don’t worry it  was on the South island. Although a mate living in another building had to evacuate from the 35th floor… it’s almost Tuesday, time to sleep.