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It’s 4 days before I leave for Nepal, for my Everest Base Camp 16 day trek over Christmas.

I just had a catch up over lunch and few beers with a mate I haven’t seen in a while. It’s so good to meet with people who you enjoy meeting with and vice versa, that even the grey sky and a bit of rain doesn’t bring your mood down in any way. Great to hear his holidays were a success, mostly with a few adventures!

I still am not that fired up about the fact that I am hopefully going to be able to see Everest with my own eyes (yes, I am not going all the way to the top, it wasn’t even my goal or dream) something no one in my circle of friends and people I know have done. Makes you wonder how badly you are “out of focus”… doesn’t it. And no, I am not doing it to make anyone jealous or whatever, I am just going out there making my own dreams come true and doing things for myself.

I am almost packed, few packing cubes already done, few more to complete, couple of last things to add to those. Not going to touch that today, backpacks are on the floor, there are 2 piles of things. One that goes into the big backpack, check-in baggage, the other, I need to have on me.

Today however I am going to spend time with someone I am really looking forward to see. I missed seeing her last week. Movie night, dinner night, cuddle time, relax and just be around each other before we both go away on our holidays (well, mine apparently isn’t a holiday…). I will be kept hostage overnight, Sunday will be very lazy and then only 2 working days left before I go.

Christmas should be pretty spectacular!