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I landed at 22.10 yesterday, bought my visa, and got picked up by a driver from my hotel. Unfortunately my backpack didn’t quite make the connection, which originally was supposed to be about 1hr and 40 mins, however got shortened by an hour due to delayed departure from China. Over 28 hrs of travel… not a biggy

Today after breakfast I was greeted by a guide from the trekking company, signed some papers and git chatying fir a bit about everything. After that I decided to take the day slow, grabbed my camera and went for a stroll. Managed to see a few temples and also a few little shrines.

Walking through the streets and watching the madness of life in Kathmandu, inhaling a mixture of exhaust fumes, burning scents and dirt, I couldn’t help myself but smile. It’s not that I enjoy killing my body with pollution and shit air, but the senses are heightened when you’re watching people, taking in the new environment and notice all the details and get a buzz and stimulation of your mind, body and soul by being somewhere new, somewhere you haven’t been before. well, at least I get a kick out of being somewhere new…

Day one done, so good to not be at work! so bad to be missing a person I am getting really close to.