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I ended up being asked (and agreeing) if I wanted to go a day early than my scheduled departure of 18th of Dec. I met a few interesting people as I wasn’t going alone. It was 4 of us, all from NZ except that I am not a Kiwi, a couple and another guy.

I had plenty moments of amazement (read: jaw dropping) during the time of the trek and now that I am sat in a garden waiting for my lunch I wanted to share a few things.

First thing I wanted to mention was a little trek on the second day. It was only I and B going up to scope out a monastery we saw from afar when we arrived to our overnight destination. It took us about 30 mins to get up there. The silence and  calmness of the place made me feel the same. Peace and quiet. We went into the monastery and had a quiet moment with a monk who was going about his business (who we dunt notice until a bit later). It has been rebuild since the 2014 earthquake and it looks new. We left the monastery and sat on the edge of a cliff talking and taking in the scenery.

Another moment that I will never forget was at Tengboche after we unpacked and got changrd on arrival. I sat on the ground, outside the lodge, in the remains of the warmth of the setting sun admiring the view. It felt as it was just me and the mountains, even though the guide was sat close to me, the tranquillity of the moment was indescribable, I had tears in my eyes (not the first nor last time on the trek). Me, the little human, the 6500m+ panorama, the setting sun, the monastery next to me and presence of other people enjoying the seconds passing. Priceless.

Not to mention the moment when I arrived at Base Camp, opened little envelope saying “open me at Base camp” and almost burst into tears as I wanted to hug the person who wrote and gave it to me, but there was no chance of that. 

PS. I had 2 more envelopes, one saying “open me at the airport” in Auckland, and another one saying “open me for a smile”, each bringing tears to my eyes as I couldn’t hug and say thank you to her face.

Apart from that, plenty of breathtaking views, cards game sessions with plenty of laughter around wood burners in lodges we stayed, plenty of hanging bridges crossings to make your knees go soft, constant white noise of the fast flowing river we trek along most of the way. 


Once in a lifetime and engraved on me for as long as I will remember.