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My eyes are closed.

I can hear some hammering coming from my right, there’s horns tooting all over the place, pigeons are trying to get on with their kama sutra, morning sex, there’s some loud conversation down the street in a language i don’t understand, someone sweeping the floor downstairs elsewhere.

I can smell some incense burning on a rooftop of a building next door, fresh cup of black coffee in front of me and I am waiting for my omelette and toast breakfast, there’s a few sparrows trying to scope out potential for crumbs and leftovers…

The sun is gently warming up my face as it’s trying to heat up the cool air of the morning, my last few hours in Kathmandu… my home for the last 2 weeks.

I open my eyes and I know I will miss this place!

Special thank you to the team at Himalayan Scenery Trek and Expedition:
Ramkrishna, Shiba, Santos and Kumar, for looking after me and making sure everything is as great as possible!!!