I don’t tend to rant a lot, I tend to get on with my shit. I also don’t tend to complain much. I try to take things as they are, but this time, I decided to write something out of the ordinary as I find it outrageous…

On my way back to Auckland, I had 2 flights with China Southern airlines, from Kathmandu to Guangzhou and the onto Auckland. I had 1 checked in baggage – my 65l backpack. I didn’t notice anything at the airport as I was in my own world really, but when I came back to my apartment and started unpacking, I noticed that the backpack had been open by someone else since I last closed and packed it. After unpacking everything and sorting it out, I noticed one thing missing, my 20000 mhA power bank.

Imagine my surprise, when I had it with me all the way to Kathmandu, on big international and small domestic flight, and it got through no worries… So the first thing I thought was WTF?! No note, no nothing, just simply taken out and gone. I tried calling them (stupid of me as it was the 1st of Jan!) and tried to do that today again. 2 phone calls to their office in Auckland, wait for over 10 minutes each time and listen to “sorry all our agents are busy at the moment” bullshit. I also sent a facebook message, I also posted on their wall, I also sent an email. I am sure nothing is going to come out of it, hence I’d like to write my own complaint here.

I also called my travel insurance company, unfortunately, I have excess of 100NZD and I paid about a 100NZD for the power bank, so not worth claiming I guess.

Another thing I also wanted to mention is that on my way to Kathmandu, I had 3 flights, Auckland to Sydney, to Guangzhou, to Kathmandu. My stopover between Guangzhou and Kathmandu was almost 2hrs, so I had no worries about that. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to me, the flight from Sydney left an hour late, leaving me about 40mins to get onto the final flight, I knew my backpack wouldn’t make it (it arrived the next day luckily, before I was about to go on my trek). Oh, and let me tell you that the Kathmandu flight closed the door and left about 10mins… early.

F**king China Southern…