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It has only been a few days since I came back. Things are a little slow and in general a few gears lower than normal. I took a sick day off work and ended up going in yesterday and today. I also didn’t do my usual weekley food shop either.

Today I had a catch up with friends for dinner, tomorrow is the weekend, and on my way back I could not help, but observe the world and my own feelings and perceptions. Just walking back… slowly… watching people, traffic, city… kind of feeling I don’t fit here… But I guess I am fresh off the plane after a pretty spectacular and unique life experience. Hence the feeling of I don’t fit here and want to be out in the world… visiting places… yes… I’ve got the bug…

Also, amplification to this feeling is that at work the team is pretty small, and is even smaller now due to Christmas holidays. There are 3 Asian employees, who before Christmas have been staying long after 5.30pm, every day, and still seem to be doing that right now. I am not willing to nor am happy to have to be in a position to be puting in extra time, or to be associated with such work ethics (rather lack of), nor I wish other team members to be doing that (which will automatically others who leave on time in a bad light no matter who says what).

I wonder when will I get my shit together and just change the job…