I walked out of my apartment in search of postage tubes, the kind you can slide in a poster and safely send it to the recipient. I also went out for lunch, my usual, a restaurant at the waterfront called Y Not…

While I was walking along Queen Street, my mind was running through a bit of a conversation I had this morning with one of my mates after posting my Everest Base Camp trek pictures last night on Facebook. I just noticed my face turned into a gentle smile, kind if “fuck yes, I did it and it was spectacular”. A modest smile, not the kind of wow look at me I did it… that’s not me.

Then when I finally reached the waterfront and was walking between the people, looking at the ferries coming and going, the gentle movement of the surface of the sea, the shades created by the clouds creating amazing display of shades and highlights and again, a smile came onto my face, hell yes! I live and work here!

And while I drink my Corona and watch the visitors and passers by taking photos of the bridge and harbour views, I can’t help but smile again, for them this a holiday destination. For me, it’s not as exciting as the few places I visited so far in my life, but it’s a really nice place to live!

There’s also a person who I have growth really like and there’s a bit of affection growing I think, it’s hard as I didn’t expect to miss her, not this much. Yet, it’s not as heavy as I thought it would, even though she will be back in Auckland on the 15th of Jan, I can’t wait for the moment I can hold her and it’s far stronger than the feeling of sadness of missing her.