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So last weekend was extended thanks to Waitangi day on Monday, the weekend before was extended thanks to Auckland Anniversary Day on Monday… unfortunately this weekend won’t be extended, 3rd time (un)lucky right…

I have to say that thanks to the weather improving more and more over the last 2 weeks, the Waitangi weekend was brilliant. We booked something a long time ago and were looking forward to it, a lot. I was probably looking forward to it even more due to the fact that I worked both Saturday and Sunday about 3 weeks ago…

Last weekend we had a trip to Cambridge and around for kayaking tour to see the glow worms, and we were planning to see Wairere Falls and Blue Springs. Unfortunately, other things got in the way of us getting here and there and we missed out on the Blue Springs this time around.

I have to say I have been to the Waitomo Caves, and yes it’s impressive, it’s nice and all. But… has nothing on what we did. It was a guided kayaking tour. You arrive at the rendezvous point to sign in, get briefed and then you drive for about 20 mins to a different spot, where you get into your gear and kayaks and you’re off onto the water. You paddle for a bit on the open water to then stop at an entrance to a stream and listen to the guide. Some more paddling, upstream, about 20 mins? and disembark for a break, sip of wine, some cheese, crackers and chocolate, a laugh and at that time, it’s dark (we had the moon at about 1/3 and the light from it was visible enough already. Ideally you want to do this on new moon, no light pollution). After the snack you the interesting part begins, the kayaks are grouped and each group has a guide to steer it through the stream, yes, in the dark. It was before we set off we realized we’re not going to the cave, the glow worms must be on the way back. And as the guides explained, yes, there was a canyon we went through, where they reside. All I am going to say, a little bit of moonlight here and there, the quiet conversations between us and the guide (4 twin kayaks + guide) and then the glow worms.

Call me simple, or whatever, but if you can’t feel amazed by the views we had, you’re a sand brick, not human… in my books… and I am not even sorry for saying that. I won’t be describing anything here, as I really recommend for anyone to do this. It was like a scene from Avatar… all I am saying… it was special, mostly thanks to the fact that there was someone special with me.

We were back at the start at around 11pm… we loved it!!!

The next morning we woke up, checked out, went for a lazy breakfast and drove to the falls. The carpark was rather full, it seems a popular spot, but then we realized why. It’s about 1.5hr walk to the summit and I have to say, for me, it reminded me of Angel’s Falls in Venezuela a little bit, like a miniature version of it, still, pretty impressive. The summit is at about 350m above sea level, there are plenty of places to enjoy a dip. The views from the summit are incredible and I recon we need come back with 2 beanbags, picnic food supplies and stay there for the sunset…