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It was the commercial Valentine’s last Tuesday, but we didn’t celebrate it there and then. We were to meet over the weekend and go for a sunset on the dunes by the sea to a spot of my choice, a place I have been to before.

Apart from the fact we were enjoying the whole weekend together, we had to watch out for the weather and initially  Saturday was date day, weather however  had a different view on that plan. We had a really lazy morning and managed to finally finish browsing the photos from my Nepal trip. When we set off in the aftrrnoon with all the necessities, vino, snacks, dessert, blanket, and a few other picnic items we git hungry and decided to stop on the way to get a takeaway. The choice was am Indian restaurant and the scent of food was torturing the both of us for the next 40 mins of our drive…

We got to the car park at Whatipu beach, got our items and headed out. It was nice and quiet until we got onto the beach, about 10 mins walk, when it started to blow. I thought we best hide in the dunes but with a view. Some more walking and we had our spot.

We setup our blanked, dropped the shoes in one corner, inpacked food, opened the wine, switched on music and enjoyed the evening sunset over the dunes with sounds of the sea in the background.

I won’t share any details except for the fact it was the best date ever, and we both are thinking now how do we top all those amazing dates… we both know we want many more…

Well… I’ll share one thing. The Indian food we had didn’t quite resemble what we both expected knowing what is what, but part of it was really nice and we both enjoyed that.