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My mate and I, the same mate I want for a trek few months ago to climb Mt Ngauruhoe, decided we need to do another trek. The summer season for the mountain of our choice called Mount Taranaki opened up recently and we decided to do it this weekend.

We left work on Friday afternoon and arrived in New Plymouth after 10pm.

First great thing that happened was we both got ID’d when we stopped for supplies and we wanted to get a 12 pack of beers. Both over 30… result! Haha 

Second thing. On the way we stopped to take a few night sky shots on a side of the road. The milky way was incredibly well visible and we spent a few minutes trying long exposure shots. The best thing however happened a little later…

We got back into the car and got on with the journey. Minutes later a sudden flash of light, bright green, with a huge tail shot through the sky with a few second show. We both couldn’t quite believe what we have just witnessed and let out a very loud “holy fucking shit!!!” at the same time, and I tell you that doesn’t quite cut it how I felt… a meteor!!!

Next morning we set off after breakfast. Got to the car park, git ready and started the trek at 9am sharp. The views in the morning were spectacular as the clouds were covering New Plymouth which is really close to Mt Taranaki but they were below us and the car park is only at 950m. We were able to see Mt Ngauruhoe (2291m) and it’s neighbour Mt Ruapehu (2797m), both 150+km away. The trek starts easy with a trail walk, to then change into stairs, to then go into a scoria  (loose volcanic gravel), to then turn into a bit of a rock climb. It does get steep and it’s taxing on the legs (2 days later I am still feeling it). The crater was covered in a bit of snow and it gave it extra effect of surreal place.

Unfortunately for us the clouds came in and covered the views towards National Park, and we lost the view of the two 2000+ peaks in the distance. We were surprised with the amount of all flying things, bugs, flies, etc. all the way at the top, nothing to stop you enjoying the views, but just simply unexpected. 

Yet another mountain in New Zealand done…

But that meteor… oh… man…!!!