My partner lives out East, East Auckland and if you have any clue how wide spread is the city, you’d know that to drive in no traffic from there to the Auckland Central where I live is about 20+ mins. We try to spend weekends together. Usually it’s a bit of Saturday and full Sunday, with my partner staying over at mine or me staying at hers. This weekend I stayed at hers.

The thing is that I don’t have a car, she does, so I am feeling really guilty about her picking me up and dropping me off and want to try to use alternative ways of getting to hers other than her driving back and forth.

So today I am on a ferry from Half Moon Bay into the city, that left, luckily for me, a few minutes later then the scheduled 7.26am. And right now, even though I am awake since roughly 6am, I have a grin on my face enjoying the sunrise while I am sat on the catamaran zooming toward the CBD.