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I work in a small team of people, 5 development guys, 2 front-end girls, 2 producers, a general manager and the owner. I like small teams, as it’s more friendly, coasy, more close knitted than a huge team, etc. You get to know people better, well that’s what I think.

I also like it as I feel we’re all responsible for making sure we get paid really. It’s a matter of pride to do the job right, well, on time, you get what I mean. We earn each others salary.

But one thing I fucking hate when some of those… great… teammates walk in and walk out of the office without a word, good morning, goodbye, or kiss my fucking arse…

For me personally it’s a sign of lack of respect. We might as well have some random people from the street walk in daily, would be the same thing really. I sometimes want to ask “Who the fuck are you? Do you actually work here?” But their behavior is a reflection of who they are, not me…