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It’s a Tuesday, a working day for some, for me a day off. I am sat on a bench by the beach in the full autumn New Zealand sun. It’s really pleasant, around 20 degrees, music in my earphones, smell of freshly trimmed lawn behind me and slow, relaxed breathing encouraging thoughts to come and go freely.

The weekend I just had was really amazing, just read the previous post if you would like to know a bit more. It’s not what I wanted to write about though. One of the thoughts caught my attention.

One of the conversations I had this weekend was in relation to (excessive) time spent on social media, etc. We talked about how some people post rubbish to the level of detail we just found intrusive, irrelevant, etc. You get the point. And that thought brought me to reflect on myself. 

I try to tell myself that I post on my Facebook to keep my parents in the loop, as they’re OK the other side of the world, it’s quickest and easiest way to keep them updated. But then another thought jumped in. A question rather. Do I really post because of that? Guess what, brain brought up an instant answer. I post because I am amazed enough with the world around me and things I do and see, that I try to infect others with the love and enthusiasm I have to seeing and discovering the world.

Another thing just popped into my head eight now. It’s also a way for me to take a step back and say thank you and appreciate where I am and what I do on this planet in my current state of life.