I just woke up and noticed I received another like on my previous post and at the same time I saw a “happy anniversary” message.

2 years. I have been writing on my blog for two years, wow! Time flies!

As I don’t really have anything to reflect on, I’ll drop in some all time stats: 

  • I posted 107 times (plus this post)
  • There has been 991 views
  • I had 286 visitors 
  • Best views is 114
  • Most popular day / time for visitors: Friday / 5pm
  • My most viewed tag / category is appreciation

    But I don’t care about these, it’s more of an interesting information to browse through rather than get excited or motivated myself to a specific action.

    I write to clear my head sometimes, other times I write to complain to the universe, and sometimes I write to infect people with happiness. I also write to make people laugh if they get my sarcasm, write to share secrets of my brain…