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I have been off work from the Good Friday until last Tuesday (25th of April) and I you know what, I say thanks for the 3 day working week, as I didn’t want to come into work at all on Wednesday. After having almost 1.5 weeks off, with really nice autumn weather, we managed to squeeze the most of it.

First weekend (the Easter), we went away up north, 2hr drive, to a batch by the beach (which I wrote about in Happy Easter post). Last weekend was a little road trip: Auckland to Tongariro National Park (we did the crossing on Saturday) to Napier to Rotorua back to Auckland. I believe we did about 1000 kms and on the way back on Tuesday we both felt like we were off for a month, even thought it has only been over a week. Each time I sit down with my partner for a lunch / dinner / coffee / drink, I can’t help myself but think, I don’t want to work Monday to Friday, even though I like my job. I’d prefer to see the world, sleep on a hammock by the beach, discover a nice cafe, walk to a waterfall, snorkel with sting rays, etc etc instead of working in an office (maybe that has been triggered after I re-watched Jumper on tv… haha).

For me, there’s nothing more that can replace the feelings of excitement, tingling, interest of a new place you haven’t been to yet, a place you might love to come back, or a place you know once visited to never come back again. It’s the one thing that expands your horizons, helps you discover yourself, traveling is what I am talking about. Unlike others, when I visit a new place, I try to sample something new, local, different to my daily routine, etc. The thing is, I am not sure how to do what I want to be doing due to the fact that traveling requires funds, and I’d like to be able to go anywhere really, nothing fancy, don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those 5 star travelers, but I’d like to be able to do something exceptional every now and then, eg. my trip to Nepal / Everest Base Camp.

Hopefully, I’ll hype myself up enough about me no longer wanting to be tied to an office job, that I’ll gather enough motivation to pursue a way of making money otherwise (and get good at it), so that I can sit in a cafe and make money by pressing few buttons at the right time. It is possible, just that my consistency isn’t quite there yet for me to be able to quit my day job.

If you’re stationary, you’re not going anywhere, and as much as it’s OK to go nowhere sometimes – yes, you need a break – but when you get bored, you know you have to change something. You know you have to change even more so, when you want to change.

I was about to write, the younger you are the easier it is as your mind isn’t all set, isn’t trained to restrict you with your own rules for example: I need to have a good(?) job, I need to have a house (mortgage?), I need to get married now(?), I need to live close to my family, I need this job; but the truth is I am not sure that’s actually the case. Yes the older you are, the more life experience you have, therefore automatically and subconsciously you make different decisions to someone who has less life experience. But then, isn’t a change just a simple choice…? Yes, there’s fear, what if… but it’s still a simple choice to ignore that fear and still do it anyway.