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I arrived in NZ on the early morning of April the 24th in 2013 (before that, I lived in UK since May 2006, you could say I have tried a few parts of the world). There was no champagne, no party nor cake. Why should there be any celebrations really?

I mean, should I really be patting myself on the back that I left everything I know, all family and friends and moved by myself to another part of the world without even knowing anyone here or having big pot of cash to fall on in case I am in trouble (or any potential of cash for that matter)?

Should I be patting myself on the back that my ex turned out to be a cheater and I am better off now without her and had I not braved the opportunity to get out here I’d be in shit now or later? Should I be patting myself for living in this pretty country? Should I be patting myself for having a choice of the Pacific Islands as my holiday destinations if I chose to? Should I be patting myself for having a job, a place to live, and having some new friends?

The answer is no, but I definitely should be grateful for all of that. I should be grateful for where I have been, where I came from and where I am now, as not everyone gets a chance to do what I did. Not everyone’s brave enough to go for it, and not everyone can stick out all alone 20000kms away from everything they know.

So thank you to whoever (up there?) has been looking after me, please continue to do so if you don’t mind it much, as it has been rather pleasant, the time I had so far in New Zealand and I’d love for this adventure to continue.