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Those days when the weather is crap, heavy rain clouds hanging in the sky and moderate tropical rain is rinsing the scenery are days when I start with a bit of a grin on my face. If you think I am mad than you’d expect be just another person to join my partner in that view.

For me, rainy day means I get to wear my goretex trousers and jacket. The same gear I wore as outer layer on my trek in the Himalayas to Everest Base Camp. I can’t help myself but smile instantly as a reminder.

I am not a fan of umbrellas in general, especially if it’s windy.  You have to carry it around, make sure you don’t forget about it or something like that. But the thing that is the least appealing for me is that plain and simple: it’s a hazard. Here’s why.

I myself am quite tall, and I walk pretty much everywhere, even in bad weather. Pedestrian traffic mostly contains of shorter than me users. These short people carry their umbrellas at about my face or chest level. The worst part is that they usually carry it at an angle that blocks their view, meaning I constantly have to weave through traffic of mindless and careless oncoming idiots who don’t care about the fact they are not the only people walking. Yes, it does happen rarely that someone is mindfull enough and they lift their umbrella or tilt it to avoid collision, but majority as I observed doesn’t. 

Luckily I still have my reflexes…