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A while ago I threw an idea into the open space of ideas to share with my partner that it would be great to do sunrise stand-up paddle boarding. Summer was nearing to an end back then already, so when my partner said she knows someone who could give us a friend rate and drop off the boards for us, we both agreed we need to do this. 

It’s autumn in NZ, days getting colder, water herr on my opinion is never… warm… it’s tepid at most… so we finally decided to do it last Sunday when the weather outlook was pretty good. We got the boards delivered to us on Saturday night.

Woke up at 6am, with first ring of the alarm. 3 snoozes of the alarm later, I was still in bed, she was getting ready. By the time we left it was probably 6.40 and less than 10 mins later we were at the beach all alone. I out the boards down, we both took off our shoes and put the boards half into the water. Strapped around the ankle and first step into the water… only took a few seconds to feel the pain really as the water was so cold. We quickly managed to move away from the shallow so that we could put our weight onto the board a and not get the final stuck in the sand. 

The water was really calm, there was nobody there, no bloody wonder… who leaves their comfy warm bed for this?! Well it was too late anyway, we were gently paddling away from the beach.  Sun had about 20 mins to rise up at the horizon… best thing we did that day!