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I am in the gym 5x a week, most weeks. I keep my workout to about 1 – 1.5 hrs, it’s a routine I got used to and keep to and occasionally deviate from by skipping gym for social or other arrangements. I usually come back from work, get changed into shorts and a t-shirt and go in around 6pm. I do get sweaty sometimes, sometimes more than other days. If in a bizarre occurance I can smell body odors, I go into the toilet and quickly dry myself with a paper towel as I am self aware. My gym clothes are single use than throw in the wash, except I wash my shorts each day and rotate the 3 I have. 

For some time an Indian couple started to come in at the same time I do. The first time they walked in I could smell the sweat. It took me by surprise as surely if someone else can smell it, you’d be self aware and could smell it too? Imagine how bad it is when he didn’t even start the workout and you can smell the sweat soaked stench of clothes…

At the start we were all jokes between each other  (I have a few mates that have been training as long as I have and know by name), and trust me when I say I am not the only one who can smell it. I actually had a few days it was as bad that I gagged and was close to throwing up. A few times I walked away and tried to train elsewhere as I couldn’t breathe. Sometimes if I have no choice I try to bear with it or put the fans on full blast. Either way, you know it’s bad when you leave one area of the gym and then come back in and the first thing you can smell is someone’s body odor even though the person has already left… disgusting.

So I complained to the staff (who I know by name as well as I have been coming in for 3 years), to be told “oh I can’t smell it” or “oh what can we do”. As I said, I am not the only one who complained in the end. So few days ago I put a formal written complaint as I had enough.

One thing I wonder about is that he comes in on Tuesday to do a high intensity class, on the open floor, but you can smell him all around. And then he also comes in to do a dance class on Thursdays… Why would you want to close yourself in an air con class room with that stench I don’t know; how come no one said anything so far?

I took one of the staff to one side before the other day (the one who told me “oh but I can’t smell anything”) as I had to walk away from where I was training as the guy came to the same area and started using machine next to me. She basically had to walk along a wall and then when the wall finished, it continued around the corner for about 5 meters to the left where the machines were, when she walked passed the corner the stench literally hit her in the face. She said “oh that’s bad”, I replied “well imagine working out right next to that, I am not coming up with bullshit”…

Maybe it’s just me, maybe I am allergic to that sweat stench; but it’s bad enough that I considered stopping my exercises and go home before I am done on a few occasions and that’s not going to fly. Apparently the staff was to have a chat with him on Friday…