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How do I get to this. Hm. Well, lets say I come from a small village, from a country that doesn’t have a cultural diversity like for example UK or US, so back in the days when I was growing up, non European people were only known to me via the TV, movies, etc. My core values were strongly influenced by the closest, very religious family (one could say, blindly religious, as the country is). I lived there until I was 26, hence my exposure to other culture was minimal. My definition of certain terms, values, opinions are rather set. “family” is: wife (female) + husband (man) + kid(s); marriage is between man and a woman by definition, anything that isn’t between man and a women isn’t and shouldn’t be called a marriage. Be offended, call me an old ape, old fashioned, whatever, I don’t give a flying fuck; that’s my opinion and I have the full right to respect my own values, and no, they are not prehistoric, they are right on with the times.

I wrote a post a while ago about something that really pisses me off. Subject that I feel is forcefully being blown out of proportion, rubbed in people’s faces  (just one amongst many other subjects). Now there’s something that really tipped the scales and hence this post. 

I have noticed it the other week on one of the social networks. There’s a new icon… among the usual like, love, etc. And it really fucked me off… and I will not apologize for the below.

Tell me, why is there a rainbow icon available beside the others? Why does it have to be advertised (!) everywhere with words like “pride” and rainbows? I am fucking proud to be HUMAN, 100% human, not gay, not non gay, just fucking human.

How about non gay people get a unicorn or something? There’s nothing special about being gay yet it’s voiced, advertised, highlighted, shoved in your face with words like pride, equal rights, and all that bullshit. How about non gay people get the same fucking publicity?! Eh?! How about that?!

Can we all just get on fucking with it… being human… gay, non gay, white, yellow, purple, or fucking green?!

Or how about for a change, we from now on highlight normality?! 

Or if that’s not good enough, lets just ALL get special fucking emojis, for example all normal get I am not gay emoji, black people get a fucking wife or something, Asians get rice or squint eyes icon, Muslims get a mosque or burka emoji, obese get a fat bastard or some other shit, so that we can ALL highlight how fucking special we ALL are?!

Or how about “I am human” icon, no matter “what” are you…