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Recently, my current phone decided to crap out on me, not that I didn’t have problems with it until now. Long story short no matter what cable I plug in there’s no charging, nothing happens either from a wall plug or a usb from my laptop. Because of all this I need a new phone and even though I was still sticking with the problems I had (eg wipeout of my memory card), I was really reluctant to spend anything on a new item.

I did a bit of research and was adamant not to spend more than 400. I did think I got really unlucky with the one I had and I considered getting the same, but in the end spending as little as possible took better of me. I got a brand I’d never really consider normally, but parameters were good enough for the price.

I thought I’d give it time to get used to it and it’s customized version of android, but I miss the usability from my previous android. There’s a few issues with it and to be fair had I walked in back into the store I got it from looking like someone else and getting the same advice I got, I’d punch the sales guy in the face. No, it can’t compete with the likes of Samsung for the fraction of the price…

The more I use it the more I think what more garbage is going to come out of China… It’s a copy of from another huge brand (not just the design, but also the  UX), yes well they didn’t copy all of it. And obviously China doesn’t copy just that. Cars, clothes, you name it. 

There’s nothing original about garbage made in China… Everything is a cheap copy of something else, not with a good result at the best of times… duch a thriving nation (sarcasm).