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I have an older sister, who at the moment lives back in my home country after spending good 10 + years abroad. Since I am on the other side of the world, we don’t see each other and seems we don’t talk too often either. I talk more often on Skype with my parents, a lot more. She has been with someone for probably the same amu t of time she had been abroad and marriage was on then cards half a year ago, but nothing has actually been set etc. Just a mention. 

Few weeks back I talked to one of my cousins over one of the chat applications (who lives about 20min drive from my parents), and she mentioned to me that while my sister’s daughter was visiting my parents, the little one spread the word that mummy is getting married. I made none of that as first of all, it’s just a 5 year old talkinf, second of all I am sure my sister would have mention to me.

So last week my sister popped up on messenger asking me literally hey do you think you could make my wedding on the 21st of October… I replied, I’ll have a look, but considering I already booked my Christmas trip and planning way back, I am running low on holidays, also on funds… But funds is less relevant. Anyway. The end of day, due to 12hr time difference, we had a bit of a short chat. I mainly tried to get my sister to confirm if the date / wedding is set in stone or is it just planning or wishful thinking. Considering I am 30hrs of flying time away, it would be nice to be notified upfront, etc. You get my point.

So it has been a few days, and I don’t really know where I stand, and the flights will get more and more expensive the longer I wait, beside the point I am willing to get there for a weekend and back, not knowing how I am going to mange days off and funds. But I guess that’s life isn’t it? 

Nobody does things to help you or make your life difficult, life just happens and you have to work your way through it.