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I recently moved out of an apartment I lived in for the last 4 years in Auckland Central. A week before that happened, company I work for changes their location as well. Apart from the fact that distance-wise it makes my journey longer, there’s a bigger issue.

The change of office was necessary, and I can’t complain about the space itself. The layout is much nicer, it’s much bigger and we can actually see the outside! Unlike the previous office metal tin… With the change of office came change is the seating plan. 

So now, I sit to the right, next to a Chinese developer, who is picking his nose quite regulary. Sometimes bluntly, sometimes a bit more sneaky by stroking his not so grown moustache and then moving onto the digging. Either way, my normal human field of vision is able to see it all. I had enough yesterday and I moved my screens so they face away from him, on a small angle, however my main screen is still parallel to the edge of the desk, meaning I have to look straight, meaning I have the digging in my field of view again.

But that’s not all. In front of me there’s another Asian guy who seems to think that burping out loud without at least saying excuse me is the norm.

The toilets are shared with another company working on our floor and there were numerous times when I walked in and there was piss on the floor. Numerous emails from the our manager copying all makes (it’s a male toilet) don’t seem to be doing anything. I work with pigs…