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I haven’t been out for drinks with my mates from work for a while. I mean, one of the guys has left the company months ago, the other is working with me, and it’s just the three of us having some beers, having a laugh, talking shit and all sorts.

When I was leaving in the city centre, it was a 20min walk back in the middle in the night. Now it’s a ferry ride plus 25min walk. I am restricted by the ferry times however, and Friday being the end of the week has the best times if I want to stick around in the city and have a drink after work, so any other day isn’t going to work for me, unlike in the past.

As we haven’t had a catch-up for a while, we decided that the Friday passed will be the day. So we went to our usual burger place by Britomart and then our usual pub for beers. We had 2 jigs of beer between the 3 of us, rotating the round (we usually did 3), as I was conscious of the time and wanted to catch the 9.30pm ferry (next one, last one, was 11.30pm and I didn’t quite fancy that).

I was feeling a little nostalgic when. We were about to part for the night, however I was looking forward to sitting on the ferry and moving away from the city lights. Ferry was delayed and apart from that it was pretty empty, I am sure there was less than 10 people on board. So I took a few snaps sitting on the upper deck, to find out the next morning how shit these Chinese knock off phone is. 

When we parked at Half Moon Bay, it was absolutely quiet, no traffic, just my breathing and the sound of steps. I maybe saw 2 cars pass. Took some more snaps, as I mentioned, kind of worthless photos, as it turned out in the morning, of the illuminated board walk by the beach and the city in the background.

All in, I had a great evening, but one thing is bothering me, my shit phone and it’s.shit quality photos. I am not taking it with me to Nepal this year I think. I’d rather see if I can receive my Samsung that ruined 3.mempry cards for me and I couldn’t get photos off it…

Anyways, life is good.