Tired of everything


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It’s not going well, I am sitting here, waiting for my takeaway, and my brain is absolutely preoccupied with thoughts of all the money I have lost since April since a certain idea popped into my head to make extra income. I am tired, brain is so focused on trying to get back what I lost that I am not sure what to do next. I am trying to put on some limits, but I am not really sticking to that.

I hate he way it all makes me feel. I could think of it as a learning curve, pretty fucking steep learning curve, that doesn’t seem to be becoming a straight line. I already hit my limit I set myself last week ago, which means, I can’t do what I am doing until my next payday, and I am afraid I will break, just to top up a tiny bit, just a little bit, just try again, I know I can do it, I keep proving to myself I can…

Yet overall picture and overall numbers look disastrous… So can I do it? Can I change the way I am doing this thing in the way I stop losing altogether? I’d love to, but I am starting to doubt more and more. Not great confidence booster.

So if you ever think of going into trading Forex, think again…