City break in Europe


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So I am in Stockholm international airport right now. Technically I should have landed in Berlin and would most probably be picking up my rental car to continue my journey to arrive after 2hr drive at my destination. I left Auckland Thursday 9pm ish, to Dubai. Flight from Dubai was late to depart, so my already tight 45 minutes stop was got destroyed pretty quick.

I asked a few times stewardess (two different ones to be precise) if I could be allowed to get off the plane first considering they left late, arrival time was showing 1pm and my next flight was 30mins later. They must have been pretty dumb as nobody seemed to have reacted to anything I said. So when we touched down in Sweden at 1.01pm I was literally counting minutes seeing in my mind someone on my next flight waiting at the gates to pick me up and rush me to the destination gate. No such thing happened. I got out of the plane after a swarm of lazy fuckers who didn’t give a shit when they’re going to get off or how quickly and rushed through. Got a x-ray scan, then got asked for the contents of my backpack (candle), to then see the departures board saying my flight gate was closed. It was 1.20pm or something… So I didn’t rush anymore, I just walked fast paced to get to the gate and see that the fucking plane is still connected and final things running through.

For a split second I thought it would be like in one of those stupid movies that someone notices you and they quickly rush you in, when I saw a lady coming around to the gate and about to walk through it. I shouted excuse me I am supposed to be on that plane, to what the lady said, sorry I’ll be right back, to then open the gate, walk all the way to the plane, deliver some paperwork whilst leaving me there standing watching plane disconnect.

So yes, I am in Stockholm until 7.45pm, it’s 3.36pm… I still have 2hr drive and I slept 5hrs