Too busy


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I am just thinking I haven’t written anything for a while, if I remember correctly it was since my… attitude problem article… Anyway, never mind, I felt like writing.

Life is going at a pace that it is a little scary, things just fly by, it’s July already. In all the mess and seconds slipping by, there are things that are not so crazy, things that manageable and enjoyable and most importantly things I am looking forward to (well, not just me).

We’re going away for holiday in few months time, October to be more precise, I still have to book my days off, mental note to self. In the meantime, we tried to organize a little bit of detail about the flights, hotels etc. in one place. I still need to map out the most exciting part of the trip, places to see in Iceland, we have an idea of where we will go but just need to get it down and planned out.

Before that, there’s my partner’s work ball, which is happening this Saturday. It’s a company’s annual gathering and piss up, with a theme of neon punk. My partner didn’t quite vote for that, out of the threw available options, so she wasn’t entirely impressed that by majority of voters it has been selected. I had an idea immediately, not to worry darling, not all is lost kind of moment, we can still go out cool… And old… Haha so I suggested, how about we go as Daft Punk (the band), and from that an idea was born to get the helmets made, diy style. As it’s a couples ball, and Daft Punk comes in two, all matched up and we have one gold and one chrome helmet constructed, almost complete. There’s still some finishing touches to be done and a few accessory items added, but majority of the hard work has been done. My partner had a mate at work who found drawings online, that had to be scaled up and laser cut in some materials and assembled.

I felt like a kid again… Cutting, folding, gluing, taping, spraying… Can’t wait to put it all together with a black suit haha It will be fun at least and a good laugh I hope, mind relaxing evening that involves a bit of fun.

I think we need a theme… Song… For our entrance to the floor as well… Daft Punk style… Hahaha