Day of gratitude


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I am having a amazingly opportunistic day. About 3pm all electricity went down in the office. We waited for about 15 mins to see if the outage alert estimated fix time might change from 11pm to something more realistic, however it didn’t. So home time today turned out to be 3.20pm instead of 5.15pm. that means I have a chance to catch super early ferry on a amazing sunny and warm day. It also means I can sort out a few things on my way to the ferry.

It’s my partner’s birthday tomorrow, so I went looking for a nice box for the gift I already have, some wrapping paper and other little bits. That sorted, I cought the 4.15pm instead of 5.45pm ferry. On the way here, my partner said that’s a little earlier than she expected and I am using that opportunity to have a beer by the marina right this moment. 

Life is pretty amazing when you appreciate the little moments.