Us humans, the plague of the Earth


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I wanted to share one of my thoughts from today as I found myself feeling very strongly about it and felt it would be a good post.

I keep seeing on my way to work people zooming past on all sorts of things, bicycles, skateboards, but there’s more and more and more people using all sorts of garbage produced by others that have electricity to propel their modes of transport. Next to my office, there’s a company selling electric bikes. As I walk a lot and sometimes feel the need to speed up my journey time or teleport if I can’t be bothered to walk, I had a look at their website. To my surprise, the prices of the bikes were pretty outrageous in my mind. I’d never pay what they ask for.

On the other hand, I had a test drive of a fully electric car few weeks ago and really liked it, and I’d really.lkke to have it, yes, I am environment aware homo sapiens.

What really hit me today on my way to work is that these so called, environmentally friendly modes of transport, are super expensive in comparison to the not so friendly ones. Tell me, how fucking paradoxical it is to pay more for something that should not use up the non renewable resources?! Anyone care to explain? On that note, I am even more buffled by the fact that food grown ethically and healthily costs fucking more?! Back in the days, the natural way was the way to grow shit so how the fuck is so that now you have to pay for what was not allowed back then?

Because we’re fucked up to the core by the one thing controlling everyone, the size of their own fucking wallet and the many ways to fill it up at no matter what cost, no matter what gets in the way.

There, I’ve said it. We’re all bunch of greedy pigs and the truth is we don’t give a shit about the planet. Not matter who says what. We’re all responsible, me, you, they.