Out of balance


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We have been back post our holiday for 2 weeks exact, this Wednesday I would have been back to work for 2 weeks exact. I do love what I do, I get a kick out of building things that I know other people use, websites that others visit, small simple ones and big complex ones. I like the variety of tasks it all involves. I don’t like repetitive crap, it’s not stimulating, it kills…

So when my boss asked me if I’d be interested to dive into mobile development, I thought, why not, more variety and a great skill to add to my cv. Little did I know, I’d be waking up for the last week wishing I didn’t have to go to work.

To give you a bit of an insight, no one of our devs has any experience, neither any training in the tools to build mobile apps. You’d say, isn’t it just writing some code, same as building a website? Fuck no. You’re not interacting with the web server or browser as tools to run it for starters, not to mention a few versions of mobile operating systems.

We’re working on this app with a contractor from Netherlands, but due to time difference I have no supper during my day, it is painful when you are just reading stuff up online and don’t know the ins and outs. It’s very painful. I have good days and bad ones, as you do. Some things are easy to figure out, others, 2 days in and I still haven’t sorted it out. Painful.

I have however one mate who worked with us before and was our designated mobile app dev in-house, thank him, he saved me a few times from slicing my wrists.

To finish it off, the original deadline when I first been asked to work on this was before Xmas. The contractors back then said they’d estimate (without knowing much about what the app needs to do or reviewing the functionality) it would take them at least 1 months, full on dev with only working on the app and nothing else (company that has experience and specialises in this technology). Guess What, first revision of estimates corrected the deadline a bit, mid Feb, with me and them working on the app. Oh and another thing, I haven’t been allowed to work on the app full on either…

I need a holiday to recover from this already…